This blog was originally called Blossoming Wallflower that started in early 2013. It's a safe haven for Sarah where she shares her thoughts to the world through her introverted lens. And as time goes by, her blog eventually stretches beyond the boundaries and she started blogging about fashion and beauty. Until three (3) years ago when she went off the blogging grid.

Now, she decided to blog again because it feels like its Only Yesterday where blogging is the means of escaping the crowded world. It's her creative outlet where she can express herself comfortably.

Only Yesterday is a lifestyle/personal blog where she shares snippets of her life through writing and photographs from fashion to random musings.

My imagination has always been my primary escape. I've always spent monotonous moments transporting myself to other places in search of magical things. 

I'm boring and socially awkward in real life. I spend most of my idle days doing stuff I love or sleeping.

I love taking crappy pictures of my food and share it on my facebook account, yes I'm that annoying friend who always takes pictures of her food before eating.

I take pleasure in solitude and I love being alone with a good book and a nice cuppa tea. 

I also enjoy watching movies, anime, and listening to music. Though I gotta say that I'm very particular with my taste and I have a specific genre of movies to watch.

I find peace and magic in the tiniest of things. 


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