Buko Salad with Gulaman

September 30, 2013

I know you guys are getting tired of my posts recently, and i know this post is kinda same with the other post i posted week ago. But hear me out first you guys! This post is nothing like the other, but yes... i did used Gulaman and Fruit Cocktail in my salad but wait! Did you know that the buko i used in my salad was actually picked from OUR front-yard? Yes, you read it right! my grandparents planted those Coconut Trees. My parents loves to drink the buko juice because you know... its nutritious and all.

These are the ingredients i used

Lady's Choice Alsa Gulaman (Crystal Clear, Red & Green)
1 can Carnation Condense Milk
1 can of cream milk
1 small fruit cocktail

The procedures are pretty simple, you just have to follow the instruction written at the back of the Gulaman Pack, then toss all the other ingredients in a medium sized bowl. Then Voila!!!

These are the photos i took :)

Looks delish right? I know! So make your own because its really worth trying! :)

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