Why I Love the Stars

January 09, 2015

When i look up above, i see the vast expanse of the sky, but i love it even more when the sun sets off and there lies the numerous numbers of twinkling stars.

(photo from tumblr)

I was a little girl when i looked up at the starry night sky and was fascinated by it, i still remember the place where i looked up and watched them intently with admiration. When i think i about it now, i was actually taught about the stars and constellations in my elementary years and in high school, but i never felt the excitement of it mainly because for me, its just one of the many lessons the teachers taught their students... nothing more.
I know that you have noticed the stars, but only in a subtle way, because most of the people never really look at it as something astounding. People are more occupied by earthly stuff that they fail to recognize the most amazing spectacle happening just above their heads. I wonder why people has taken that for granted and chose to look down eyes-glued to their cellphones and any other gadgets. I know change is inevitable especially that technology is rapidly getting better and better but i just don't like how it makes people forget about the things that really matters.

If only you would take time to stop and put down your gadgets, you'll see how beautiful the world is even without the light.

One of the many reasons why i love watching the stars is that it's the only connection we have from the people who came here first, and its made to be available to all of the living creatures here in this world. We don't know that by just looking at that one twinkling little star, millions of people are looking at it in another time and in another place because stars have been here forever, and just like that we are connected to the people from the past and to the people all over the world who looked up above. I know that the connection may be tenuous but i feel like its the most beautiful thing for everyone to see including those who are long gone.

"Remember to look up above and not down at your feet." - Stephen Hawking

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  1. This is such a lovely post, I'm in complete agreement with you I love the stars as well. I think its beautiful that people look up to the them and see pictures and animals and make them even more beautiful. Well done for putting this so eloquently :)

  2. That was pretty and stars are pretty. You're right that they create a connection to all people, in the past, anywhere in the world right now, and hopefully in the future. I guess stars really should be appreciated more, and I like them too.

    The Life of Little Me

  3. Very interesting and super personal post dear!


  4. I love stars and I guess stars are one of the best creations :)

    ♥ hazelasoy.blogspot.com/

  5. Oh, I love looking at the stars! I love seeing them from the country where there are not many lights to stop your view ♥
    Have a lovely weekend!
    Amy xx

    Perfect Imperfections

  6. This was great post! I love starts also, we have really beautiful sky full of stars here in Cyprus at nights, and it's just so beautiful!!

  7. Your post was so deep and beautiful c: I have a thing for stars too~ It makes me feel at ease, every time I see them!!

  8. very inspiring Sarah! probably the same reason why I love the clouds and taking photographs of it. I usually give people photos of skies to remind them not to be swallowed by any problems because the entire universe is too vast to cry upon. Love this so much!
    I'll always look up dearest! <3

    love lots,



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