Tony Moly Petite Cotton BB Cream Delight SPF 36/PA++ Review

July 19, 2015

Tony Moly Petite Cotton BB Cream Delight SPF 36/PA++ Review

Hello lovely reader/s!

Today, im gonna do a review about BB cream and i think i found the best bb cream that works really well for me. I was in awe after i applied this on my face because finally my search for bb cream is over. I was contacted by Q-depot to review this TONY MOLY Petite Cotton BB Cream SPF 36/PA++ in the shade of 02 Dark Beige.

Q-depot is an online cosmetic store that offers thousand of Korean cosmetics and skin care products from 25+ brands and yet counting. They offer free worldwide shipping for orders above $69 with ton of free samples and 30 days guaranteed full money back return policy. All their items are genuine and directly shipped out from Korea. They guarantee the quality of every single item they sell.

Every Korean cosmetic and skin care product is created with the motto that “Natural is the Best.” They are made with natural ingredients that have restorative and deep-conditioning benefits without any side effects. Korean cosmetic are not only formulated with natural ingredients, while most of them are non-animal tested as well, which are considered as ethical and eco-friendly products. This inspired us to promote natural and cruelty-free products and we consider it as a noble cause. Stand with us and use cruelty-free cosmetics to pay your share.

Tony Moly Petite Cotton BB Cream Delight SPF 36/PA++ Review

Q-depot is based in Korea but lucky me they also have their office here in Manila, so the shipping was really fast, it took 4 days to arrive here in our doorstep via XEND express. And it was wrapped in a bubble wrap. 

This is my first product from Tony Moly that's why i was so excited to try this and when i received this BB cream i immediately tried it on my face and i was so impressed with the result.

Tony Moly Petite Cotton BB Cream Delight SPF 36/PA++ Review

This Tony Moly Petite Cotton BB Cream (SPF 36, PA++) is an all in one BB cream with utility of sunscreen, whitening, wrinkle repair, radiance, moisture, primer and not to forget the base makeup. This BB cream contains color capsules which changes color to fit to skin tone as soon as applied. It offers an innocent brightness to skin without makeup and makes the skin baby soft. This BB cream also creates a pink tone to cover the uneven skin tone and controls oil and moisture balance to offer vitality to skin. What's more, it has SPF 36 PA++rated and offers effective sun protection and it comes in two shades only: 01 Natural Beige and 02 Dark Beige.

This BB cream comes in a cute handy size hence it's called 'petite', the size of this BB cream is actually great specially if you're still trying things out and would love to switch products from time to time. It costs ₱733 for 30g which i think is a little bit pricey compare to what's in the shopping malls.

Tony Moly Petite Cotton BB Cream Delight SPF 36/PA++ Review

Tony Moly Petite Cotton BB Cream Delight SPF 36/PA++ Review

Here's a swatch on my skin.
The consistency of this BB cream is creamy and thick when squeezed out and when blended, it feels very light on skin and it also blends out smoothly, easily and evenly. It dries so quickly with a semi-matte finish, and the scent reminds me of a baby powder, which makes it perfect for me. Im really impressed with this product.

Tony Moly Petite Cotton BB Cream Delight SPF 36/PA++ Review
(photos before and after application are not edited)

I really love the light to sheer coverage of this BB cream, it stays the entire day on my face and everytime my nose starts to oil up, i just dab the blotting paper then im good as new again. Okay, i gotta admit that im head over heels about this BB cream and i have to repurchase this again! Gawwd my face looks flawless after the application haha!

Tony Moly Petite Cotton BB Cream Delight SPF 36/PA++ Review

  • Cute packaging and handy
  • Has SPF 36 and PA++
  • Light to sheer coverage
  • Pleasant smell
  • Long Lasting
  • Blends easily
  • Semi-matte finish
  • No irritations
  • Feels light on my skin
  • Brightens my skin
  • Covers the redness and blemishes of my skin
  • Evens out my skintone
  • Little bit pricey :(
  • Doesn't control the oiliness of my skin
I highly recommend this product!


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  1. Glad you found a bb cream that works for you. I also like the fact that most Korean products are eco friendly and non-animal tested. I didn't know that (:
    The results are amazing, your skin looks indeed flawless (but to be honest, it is already ;D)

    Thank you for taking time to read my latest post, GIVEAWAY

  2. I love Tony Moly, their products are great ;)

    dresses-and-travels //@susandollparts

  3. Your skin looks amazing after application! I would try it out but I'm afraid that my oily face won't like it :( thank you for the review!

  4. This looks really nice! It's great that it's cruelty free, too ♥
    Amy xx

    Little Moon Dragon

  5. Awesome review. Thanks for sharing this post.

  6. Ooh, this sounds like a great one! I've only tried Tony Moly nail products and lip products, but I've been looking for a new BB Cream to replace the Holika Holika one I'm about to finish, and this one sounds quite similar to what I'm using right now! The product looks wonderful on you, by the way, and ah, shame about the oiliness, but I do think that a bit of setting powder would fix that right up! Thanks for the review!

    May | THE MAYDEN

  7. Great review, I didn´t know about this mark

  8. I haven't found the perfect bb cream for me yet, sad :( I'm always impressed with Tony Moly however, they're really expensive and way beyond my budget. It looks well suitable for you, though! The after photo really showed prominent result, and that's good! I might get my hands on this when I have the budget, but for now I'll stick to IN2IT (which is half the price of this one hahaha).

    Mimi Gonzales | The Foxy Heroine

  9. love your review! I love Tony Moly too :)

  10. The only BB Cream I've tried kay ang katong sa Maybelline pero sweaty man kaayo ko and alimuotan gyud kaayo ko sa BB Cream nila. So I stopped. Haha. I'm not on the lookout of any other BB Cream yet since I'm contented with my face powder. Haha. But this one's a nice product I must say. Maybe I'll try this when I have enough money to buy it and if I'd like to change my mind about BB Creams. HAHA

    xo, Janine

  11. There certainly is a difference before and after but you are lovely in each. I have never heard of BB cream before but then again I am a guy :) Now that I see it though maybe I need it too. And I do like the smell of baby powder :) xoxo

    All Things Bright and Lovely

  12. It makes your skin looks beautiful~~ I love their sunscreen! I will definitely be checking out more of their products.. ;D such a pity it doesnt help with oiliness, but nothing a primer can't do!

    Celly | Asian Beauty and Makeup Blog

  13. Great products but i think its too expensive :)

  14. it really works! :DD
    And look beautifull on you! ♥

    Las Alas de Anne-Sophie

  15. I've never heard of this brand but it sounds really good! The packaging is quite cute too :) xx

  16. It's nice that you like it!! :) it sounds like a good product except the fact that it doesnt control oil and my nose gets too oily too fast D:

  17. I love this product too! I think Korean BB Creams are better than the others. I've tried Maybelline, Rimmel, etc. but this one got me repurchasing over and over again. But better get this from a Tony Moly store. They're everywhere anyway! I bought mine for only P398!


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