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March 18, 2019

Well well well, look who's come crawling back into her old dusty blog? —me ofc!

I don't know if some of my readers back in my blogging days are still around but here's to calling into the abyss!

I'm so glad to be back here!  Okay, it's not like I went somewhere and lived under the rock, I was actually contemplating whether or not to continue blogging. 

I spent the last couple of years pondering heavily about life in general, getting to know myself, indulging into new activities and re-discovering my old hobbies. I can say now that even though I don't feel that 101% great about life and stuff in general, I think it's okay because I can still work on it. You could say that my absence was actually a journey for me to get to know myself even better.

So yeah, I disappeared years ago and didn't even left a word. I just felt that the blogging world became overcrowded and I felt uncomfortable doing what I used to do. So I went and deactivated my blog and Instagram and set my Twitter account on private. I didn't have any grand reason in doing so, I just felt that I need to get out. I didn't feel comforted and safe anymore and absolutely dislike how my little world has become. Also, I always find myself procrastinating when it comes to writing blog contents, even got lazy with some of the collabs I have to do. I found myself always accepting offers without second-guessing. In short, the joy I once found was gone.

With the popularity of Youtube nowadays and somewhat decline of the bloggers/viewers in blogosphere, I found myself crawling back here— to the place I once called my little home because I feel like I can be myself again.

During my absence, I didn't waste my time away with idle stuff. I went back to school and passed the board exam. Although I'm not absolutely sure about what I'm doing with my life, and if this new field is what I really want. I guess I won't be entirely sure. Being indecisive has always been one of my weakness, and I don't blame myself for that. You see, I even have a hard time choosing between sneakers or ballet flats and they only go on my feet lol (Clueless ref.) My point is, I won't force myself to be rock-hard certain about things because eventually, I believe everything will turn out okay (that's seriously what I'm hoping for lol). This may be one of the struggles of adulting—you gotta make a decision even though you're not up for it.

Whoah okay, that was depressing! That's actually what you get when you actually talk about life. It's not all sunshine and rainbows you know.

Apart from going back to school, I also rekindled my love for reading and actually read over a hundred books (which has been my goal eversince) over the course of two (2) years, what a feat, right?

I did some training, watched a loooooot of anime, watched FRIENDS (my fave sitcom ever,) found my favorite genre and travel with friends.

Oh how I miss writing in here. I actually stopped writing after I quit blogging and even stopped writing in my journal. Until I was cleaning my my room, I found my old journals, the planner that my boyfriend's sister gave me , and an old unwritten notebook. I pieced two and two together and came up with a brilliant plan of writing down the stuff I want to do and make use of the notebook as my new journal and eventually decided to blog again because its high time.

I visited quite a lot of places and ate at nice restaurants. I don't know about you, but I always make it a point to eat delicious meals every once in a while. And since I'm a big eater, I struggled a lot with my weight, that's why I devised a weight loss diet and I'm glad it worked!

There's a lot that needs to be posted in here because even though I stopped blogging, I still keep my pictures from my travels last year. I can't wait to share them to ya'll!

Stay tuned for more blog posts! And have you noticed anything? I changed my blog theme and blog name! More about it soon!

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  1. Oh my goodness! How wonderful to see you posting again! I think taking time off to get to know yourself is totally understandable. A lot of people take blogging breaks (some short and some lasting years) but it is always exciting to come back. Can't wait to see what you post next!

    1. Thank you, Shannon! I really took my time away from blogging but I'm glad to be back here again!

  2. Yas she's definitely back! You look cute as always. I can't wait to read more of your posts soon Sarah. It's alright Sar, life is an endless discovery of who we are and what we are meant to be. We're probably in the same situation, but it's all gonna be alright. Cheers to life and blogging Sarah! Again, welcome back :)

    love lots,

    1. Aww thank you Tin! I love how you always know the right things to say <3


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