Book Review: When Marnie Was There

April 25, 2019

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Last September 2017, my boyfriend went to Japan and got me bunch of stuff including this When Marnie Was There book. Imagine how happy I was when he gave me this book! As you know, I’m a die-hard Studio Ghibli fan ever since I first saw My Neighbor Totoro ages ago. But since I have a lot on my plate at that time, I decided to put this book in my tbr shelf. It was until last year that I decided to pick up the book and read it for the first time.

Title: When Marnie Was There
Author: Joan G. Robinson
Publication: April 2nd 2002 by Harper Collins (first published 1967)
Genre: Children’s Fiction / Time Slip

When Marnie Was There is about an introverted orphan child named Anna. She was sent to live with the Peggs, the kindly older couple who took her in and gave her the freedom she wanted. Anna is an isolated lonely little girl who doesn't know how to make friends and has given up trying. While there, Anna spent her days exploring the sea, dunes, and marshes. She was particularly entranced by the Marsh House. Until one day, she met a mysterious young girl named Marnie and became friends with her. As they spend time together, Anna became happier and she learns how to give and accept affection to the people around her. The loneliness of both Anna and Marnie brought them together, and although Anna sometimes can't understand Marnie, she has accepted it and maybe even knew all along that Marnie may not be real. 

Favorite quote from the book:
“It was raining harder now and she was beginning to get wet, but it did not matter. She was warm inside. She turned and began running back along the dyke, thinking how strange it was—about being ‘inside’ or ‘outside’. It was nothing to do with there being other people, or whether you were ‘an only’, or one of a large family... she knew that now—it was something to do with how you were feeling inside yourself.” 

After rewatching the movie again, I feel like giving the book a review here. There are minor changes that happened in the movie, but it didn't affect the plot at all. And although I already knew the plot-twist and how the story-line would wrap up, It still never fail to give me waves of emotions and a tear-streaked face while reading it. As an introvert myself, I can definitely relate to Annaof how the she felt being ‘outside’ looking towards the people ‘inside’. But you know, it gets better over time, especially if you found the right people who you can be ‘inside with’which Anna did.



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  1. This sounds like an interesting read. I am also a fellow introvert.


    1. Aww nice to know a fellow introvert here :) Thank you, Sonia!

  2. Replies
    1. Definitely! One of the best books I read last year.

  3. This honestly does sound like an interesting read. I’ve never heard of it before however like you I too can relate to the feeling of being outside and looking inside. I’m happy that it seems like the story ends well lol I guess I’ll have to read/watch. Thanks for sharing

  4. Probably gonna get this within this week or in the start of the next week thanks for sharing tho!

  5. Todo es estupendo! Gracias por pasarte por mi blog! 🌻🌻🌻

  6. What a wonderful post ♥ ♥ ♥ The book sounds amazing!
    Hugs from Germany!

  7. I'd love to read it, as an introvert I relate to Anna too ^^

  8. This book sounds wonderful, thanks for sharing your thoughts.

    Nina's Style Blog

  9. Love this review.
    Thanks for sharing.

    Much Love,

  10. I have yet to read it, so thank you for the review x


  11. So sweet of your boyfriend! <3

  12. This book definitely sounds like a good read.Thanks for sharing this review.

  13. This seems like a wonderful book and I honestly can't wait to check it out. It's officially on my TBR list!

    - Nyxie


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