I end it with a bang!

September 21, 2013

I thought that my school week-ender would be a low down because i woke up sick late this morning and i got left behind in our class because for some reason, im hopeless with codes and stuff. Although im supposed to be posting about food, i... ditched it because i was feeling a little low and unmotivated of what had happened in the first half of my day. So instead of cooking and documenting my 'supposed post', i invited my good friends to come over to our house and asked them to help me with my school dilemma because i don't want to ruin the rest day of this week just because of that.

My friends are just so amazing (special mention to Ate J.). She can figure out easily the weird looking codes with one stare. And with a snap, my unfinished school stuff falls into their significant places. Im glad that  i have friends who can help me in my tough times, you see... im not the brightest bulb in the class but i have something in me that everybody does have also, but it's so unique that it makes us all special as an individual. Be it beauty, brain, talent in singing, in dancing, in writing, confidence, being funny, you name it and somebody has/have it or it could be you!

 We all have a spark inside of us that needs to be ignited in order to make it a fire. And to make it, we need to take time uncovering that spark, we don't have to hurry just because other people already found theirs and is successful or making something out of it. Because in this life, we dont need to hurry, we just have to walk our way up there and embrace every emotions we felt during our walk.

After they helped me with my stuff, we all agreed to visit our town because rumor has it that there's a ferris wheel! And i haven't rode that ride for almost 5 YEARS!, as exciting it may sound after taking a look at it, my stomach boils up that it made me wanna throw up but im glad i didn't, but latter gave me headache. Even so, i still enjoyed it, i rode it with my 3 girl friends and because me and my other friend are not really a fan, we end up screaming at the top of our lungs every time it goes up and down! But all in all, i enjoyed my night, it was unplanned and it was with my good friends.

love & peace, Sarah

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