Little Changes

August 16, 2014

This blog has been running for almost a year now, and as i looked back and revisited my old blog posts, i realized that what my blog is becoming was not what i wanted for my blog to be. At first, i really wanted this blog to be as personal as i can, but nowadays, this blog has been nothing, just a mere space, running without a soul. The only thing that's interesting in it are my ootd's, but i wonder if my ootd's are interesting enough. That's why i always try to incorporate some bland and shallow story to somehow get contents. I know im such a shame, and i admit that.

But before this blog turns 1, i wanna change some stuff i usually do when i post. Like, if i post about my ootd, then ill be talking about my ootd's. You know, it's kinda hard to explain why im wearing this and that, it's quite challenging since i don't know a lot of fashion language and rules and all that stuff. And i rarely read fashion magazines because im saving my money to buy myself some cool stuff. And god knows how much i love fashion, it's my second love.

Then, i'll be separating my life's little story in another post, i will not squeeze it in my ootd's. I know that my life isn't that interesting but i will try to make some quality contents in it. Every time i read a post about life/self, most of the bloggers sounds like they got it together, but in my case, i wont try to be one. Because i want to learn it with all of you by my side (cheesy i know!). Because just like you, im just an average girl.

I have a lot of faves in my life, be it a newly discovered song from a band, anime i wanna watch or manga i wanna read or movie that i recently watched. But beware, because in terms of these, im not really updated, 'cause i tend to go back to stuff that's really into my taste. Also ill show you guys my geeky side, ill be talking about the vast expanse of the universe! And no, it's not a joke because we introverts gets lonely if we don't have someone to share our new discoveries. Well, its not really "our" discovery, but what we learned on our own. 

Cooking is my third love, so i shall get my hands dirty on that one. Since i love to cook and i just dont know how. I really need to teach myself because im 20 and i barely know how to cook. Ahhhh im such a shame, i can't even!

So yeah, ill be making a lot of changes in my blog, ill be adding more varieties. It'll be more personal yet so relatable. After all, im just your average girl, who happens to love geeky stuff *ahem cosmos ahem* and fashion. So leaving you with this lots of gif's, i hope you find them funny because i do! i do!

Disclaimer: All GIF's are from tumblr.

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  1. Well I like your blog, love to read it, just stay true to yourself, write whatever you feel like, even if it will be a post from an average girl like you say, but I bet it will be interesting :)
    I`m 21 an I too, am so bad at cooking, but trying to get better :)

    p.s. I also have a geeky side ;)

  2. This is a really good post! So honest, yet reliable. I enjoy reading your blog. I find myself sharing the same difficulties against blogging. I'm a perfectionist and I'm also never happy with my posts or writings in general. So I'm not sitting in the right position to give you advice about it... Just do what you love. Write about that what you're passionate about - not because you want to be a part of the 'fashionable bloggers'. Just be yourself and you'll be OK. And I'm a huge fan of your blog! Loved these gif's.

    isa | My Blog: Stoer & Sexy

  3. Hehe I love the gifs! I think whatever you write about will be great. When I look back at some of MY earlier posts, I'm just like "what was I thinking? Why would I even write this?" Lol. :)

  4. I love reading your stories in your ootds. Monika is right, whatever you do, just stay true.
    Love your gifs, they're hard to find!


  5. Oh girl,

    Don't worry much about what's gonna be interesting or not for your readers. It's your blog! A blog is supposed to be personal! If you're happy to put your personal stories in your ootd's do it! If you want to change it, do it! Don't be shy to experiment. This is your space. It should be how you want it to be.

    Gabi Barbará

  6. I've been following your blog since the beginning and I can honestly say that your OOTD's are not boring at all. I've loved seeing how much your sense of style has evolved throughout the past few months. And yes, I've noticed the changes. I also think it's a great idea for you to separate your OOTD posts from the personal ones, just so objectives of each post are more clear-cut. Keep up the great work, Sarah! <3

  7. You're blog is amazing, the most important thing is that you stay true to yourself! Oh, and you gained a GFC follower :)

  8. Awww darlinggg. . You are you. . Nothing or none you-er than you. . That what makes you unique. . You dont have to worry if someone will like your blog post or not. . Because once you like your own post, people will find it interesting too!! Believe me. . I will always check on your blog though :pp

    Ah! I followed you via GFC since a while ago. .
    Http:// (((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))

  9. Hey Sarah! I've always liked your blog. Believe me, you make it really personal, even though you think otherwise. I do hope you find your voice and enjoy the experience of being a blogger. X

  10. Oh sweetie I know that feel that the blog sometimes is not exactly how one wants, my best wishes for this new way of your blog"

    I want invite you to Join to my Giveaway Etude House and Lioele

  11. You doing great, we all still learning no matter how much experience we gets, do what's work for you and your blog and most of all be confident!

    Have a great weekend

  12. NO shame, honey. I've had this blog for over a year and I'm still learning. The key is to blog what you know and what you love. And to blog often and a whole bunch of other stuff I never listen to. XD You do know your way around a GIF, though, so that' promising. :P


  13. First of all thank you for your adorable comment in my blog - I really appreciate it <3
    Secondly oh... I went through your blog and it is very lovely. Don't be too harsh on it - I bet many people love it! But if you feel like something isn't right - feel free to change :) Many people will still support you * ^ *
    p.s. followed you *.*

  14. Fun post! I hope that you enjoy making all of the changes to your blog - it's only fun blogging if you're blogging about what you want to share! :)

    Away From The Blue

  15. I also like your blog. The best of blogging is having fun with it. xoxo
    Enara's Things

  16. Go lang sis. Evolve as a blogger. I'm still figuring out my entire personal brand through my blog. There were TONS of changes. :) Let's do what we love and blog what we like.

  17. Heey Sarah, I visited your blog after you left a comment on mine and I've been enjoying reading it so far , just don't overthink it and do whatever makes you happy : I'm sure it will also make your readers happy too :) !
    Good luck !
    PS : As promised I've published my travel pictures if you're still interested :) !

  18. Aw, gonna be 1 soon? Congrats!!! I'm loving the gifs, so much fun to look at!! I can't cook either, so yeah we are in the same boat. Cooking isn't my thing, but I can help out. ^^

    <3 from Chuonie


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