Starting Over Again

December 21, 2014

These past few months, my life has gone downhill. It all started when my bad leg took its course for a week and that the routine i worked hard to maintain got ruined.

Let me tell you, last month i decided to devote my life as a healthy person, really healthy that i started to feel good about my body because i always had a body issue. Some of my friends noticed that i lost weight, and i was pretty happy about it and i proudly told them about my diet. And my diet was just the tip of an iceberg, because i redesigned my life, i even set the right time of my body clock and wake up pretty early in the morning. I even cooked my breakfast and shower and just feel alive the whole day.
It all went smoothly until the very unfortunate day, i won't go into details but i hate how my bad leg can change the entire rhythm of my life, it's like a wrong key that you can't help not hitting. After that, i felt so lifeless, i started to eat unhealthy food, sleep late and wake up late, i dont even shower anymore (only when there's no class lol).

That's the thing about me, if i missed the step 1, the entire routine will be ruin. I have to follow the correct steps of how i designed them to work in my life.

Weeks had passed, i realized that im going nowhere. I realized that this is not what i want for my life, i have to snap out of it, i have to be alive again because that's what im here for in the first place. I dont want to mope around and blame my bad leg why im living the kind of life im in right now. I have to wake up and save myself from the illusions i created because this is my life, im in charge and i have the power and control over it.

So im starting over again. I just hope that my bad leg would lay low for a while so i can handle the things that i have to deal with.

Okay, i know that im not supposed to be whiny about this since Christmas is coming, but in my defense, i have to be whiny about it in order to see and hear myself of how im doing before Christmas, because i have to be whole, alive and happy during that joyful day, and not just for that day, but for the whole entire year.

Anyway, i hope you are happy with your life right now, if not, then change for the better.


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  1. Ahhh...doll, I hope all things get much better for can be rough starting again, but sometimes its for the best!! I hope you have a gorgeous week :) xx

  2. First of all, I absolutely love your outfit <3 And I know what you mean by routine and how one thing can throw you off kilter. For me, just maintaining the routine for more than a week is a challenge. At the moment I think I need to start over too. The unhealthy eating really is a problem, and I'm afraid I won't be able to fix it seeing as I'm in a country where unhealthy food is the only food. Oh well. Wish me luck because I'm wishing you luck too xx

    The Life of Little Me

  3. that dress!
    fits you perfectly!

  4. lovely dress dear;)xoxo

  5. We all have rough patches, try not to feel bad about it and let it get you down because unfortunately, it is normal to experience these things.

    Killer outfit! xx

    ❤ Little Owl's Diary

  6. Oh no! I hope that you feel better and get back on track very soon ♥
    Amy xx

    Perfect Imperfections

  7. You look amazing dear!

  8. I absolutely love the shoulder details!

    xoxo, ♥

  9. Hi Sarah-- I'm really sorry about the bad period you're going through. The thing that's important though is that you're taking the steps to make sure you overcome it-- you should be proud of yourself!

    Keep on keeping on & Merry Christmas!


  10. cute outfit, I'm in love with your dress. You look stunning :)

  11. you'll start over just fine. it's the drive that matters. hoping for a better new year, i suppose? coz me too !! merry christmas and good luck !!

    Slumber Talk

  12. Is so good to know that you get better =)
    Enjoy your life and remind yourself to have fun >.<

    Kisses, Marry Christmas and a great New Year =)
    New post:

  13. That's sad to hear but it's great that everything's fine as of the moment. I hope it will be fine permanently. :) Merry Christmas Sarah!


  14. So proud of you for starting over. I am sending you every bit of positvity to help out and maybe a big hug if you'll have it :) As for the outfit, that dress is wonderfully sexy and you look SO wow in it, dear. Enjoyed these so much :) xoxo

  15. i hope everything's fine with you dear, on a positive note I super loove your hat! been wanting to have one!

  16. I hope you manage to hit all of your goals, and that your leg gets better! :)

    It doesn't matter if you don't achieve everything one day - even a little bit helps! And tomorrow is always another day you can start fresh then, no matter how today was for you!

    Hope you have a wonderful Christmas!

    Away From The Blue

  17. You look absolutely amazing with such a style. Amazing look, i really love those shoes! Great job! Gorgeous!


  18. That dress stunning.... sorry about your leg

  19. Oh so sorry to hear about your leg,
    hope it will all work out.
    Still this outfit is stunning, the dress is wonderful
    and you look beautiful :)

  20. I love your outfit and I hope your leg gets better :) YOU CAN DO IT.
    Sensitive Epidermis | Rainbow

  21. I hope you'll feel better soon :) The dress is wonderful!



  22. Lovely and honestly written post! I hope that everything will sort out soon! I keep my fingers crossed for you!
    And you look adorable in that outfit, the boots are my favourites!

    Katarina x

  23. I know what you feel. I had a medical condition which I gotta fight every day. For some periods you're happy as hell for life and all seems to fall into place. And one day, one silly ache can ruin the whole thing.
    As addicts say... one day at a time! And with a smile :D

  24. Wish you to feel good and happy ;).
    Your black look is perfect! Look at this hat! You look fab ;)

  25. Awww pretty as always Sarah!!! that black over all is so chic and sophisticated!! suya ko sa imung dress!!! nice kaayo!!!!! Merry Christmas Sarah!!! ka late sa akong greeting ug visit ui hahaha

    love lots,

  26. Sarah, you look adorable in this outfit... it looks so sweet xox

    I hope you have a much better year next year... I too am recommitting and I won't be giving into the hard times... I have been giving in lately and I want that great feeling back too :)

  27. Lovely dress and hat- you look perfect, and not at all like you are struggling with anything!
    We are not perfect, and it is okay to have bad spells, but I am so glad that you righted your course so that you feel well, and good about yourself. That is what matters!
    xx, Elle

  28. You look very cute, I wish you a good start of the year. I have also being in a downhill this year but I didn't have health problems.
    Take care and a a lot of hugs

  29. Gal in black! All the best to you, Sarah! Happy 2015 & may you have a wonderful new year, dear! Well, I'm back in action & resuming my blog hopping now. So glad to be back blogging ^_^
    Luxury Haven

  30. OMG THIS DRESS IS PERFECT. I'm literally going to buy it now! haha. I'm new on your blog but I really like it, I'm going to visit more often :)
    ♥ blog ♥

  31. that dress is so pretty. i love the top part :)


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