A Day Out with my BFF

January 25, 2016

It's been almost half a year since i last saw my college bff, gosh I missed this girl! Now that we're out chasing our goals and dreams, we rarely get to see each other, it's a hard life. I don't know what's gotten into me because in all honesty, ive never put up to things like going out with a friend— introvert and loner issues. Yes, I know that doesn't sound right but one of the biggest fear I have is letting people in, letting them get too closed to me because im always that person who unhealthily clings and overthink things lol! 

Truth be told, this meetup was never planned because First, I know she'll decline with a passion because she's too busy with work stuff (that's what she said! haha), and I always understand that part of her— she's like me for most of the time but i decided to change (for the better ofc!). Second, this was actually my way to finding myself, the one i always wanted to be, in short muni-muni moment! And because I don't know how to get to The Ranch Resort, i asked her for a detailed way and what to ride because i planned on commuting, but for some unknown forces here on Earth, she decided to join me and i happily obliged and abandoned my original plan because well, she's my bff.

Eventhough she lived near that resort, she told me that she's never been there even once, and it was my second time there, though i have a dusty memories because it's been 3 years since i visited that place. When we got there, we paid the entrance fees and for the cottage then went for picture taking lol!

Squinting our eyes just to have this pictures taken with the name of the resort because you know, "Pictures or it didn't happen" lol 

My pretty bff Roselyn <3
I don't really remember how we became bffs, all i know is that we're pretty inseparable back in our college days, even sharing assignments, copying each others answers to quizzes. Of course our friendship goes beyond that, we're like soul sisters, we just clicked, we may have different taste in clothes, the movies we watched, the songs we listened, that didn't became a problem to us. Just like all other relationship, we also had our fallouts, we fought, we didn't talk, we ignored each other for a week but we conquered it all and proved that our friendship was much more stronger.

We talked and talked for hours, we listened to each others stories and new life experiences. I realized that we are both becoming the person we're supposed to be, we may not be there yet, but we're certainly on the right path. Im happy that even though we don't often see each other, everything is still the same, she's still the same old Roselyn i know, and well, im still the same old me.

After talking and taking pictures, we were famished and decided to grab a lunch to eat!

Our first lunch together after almost six (6) months! Ahhh back in our College days, we rarely don't eat our lunch together, missing those days!

Crispy pata pork belly!

View from the Resorts restaurant! Awesome view but i took this picture with my phone cam so as you can see, it didn't do justice.

Me in my swimming outfit, yes, i still can't/won't wear bikinis (scars issues). And for the love of God, i think i will never wear one because f-ck strangers staring at me and my scars! LOL JK!

And since my bff didn't planned to go swimming with me, she didn't brought her swimming outfits and regretted it the moment i stepped down for a swim lol because just look at the waters, it's so inviting! So she became my photographer HAHA!

Fact: I can't swim!

"A strong friendship doesn't need daily conversation, doesn't always need togetherness, as long as the relationship lives in the heart, true friends will never part."

Can't wait to do something like this again with my bff!
So that's it from us!

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  1. I am sure it was a very fun day :)


  2. looks like you enjoyed alot.. nice clicks
    Keep in touch
    ***MY NEW POST***

  3. Such cute photos :)
    xx Katha

  4. Great pictures, the food is amazing and you have great time :)


  5. wow beautyful Photos =)


  6. This looks like so much fun! :) Wish I could have been there too haha! The food looks amazing and the scenery is just too beautiful! :) Hope to see more travel posts like this :)


  7. You both look so cute. It seems you had an amazing time!

    Camy xx


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