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April 19, 2019

Hello, lovely people who reads my blog! How are you? Today, I have something amazing to tell to you guys. Well, if you're like me who's a big fan of anime, who dabbles in cosplaying, or if you want to look great with a colorful hair without sacrificing the health of your crowning glory— I guess it's time for you to get to know EVERYDAYWIGS.

Everydaywigs provides wide variety of affordable high quality synthetic wigs and human hair wigs to its customers with so many amazing styles. They have been around since early 2010, and over the year, they've been making waves by providing customers quality products, affordable prices, quick delivery, and top-tier customer service. One thing that they really believed in, is giving satisfying online experience to their customers all through sheer hard-work and dedication.

We all know that our hair is one of the most important parts of our body, that's why we take extra care in making it healthy and beautiful. We spend our time and money at the salons to make it look like what we want, by haircuts, hair treatments, and by coloring. Now that there are quite a lot of (online) shops that offers wigs, we are given options whether to dye or wear a wig. And being the smart people that we are, buying wigs is the right way to go especially if we want our hair to relax from all the chemicals that's been damaging it. Also, if you're someone who enjoys wearing a wig on a day to day basis or during conventions/events, then a wig is a perfect match that will suit you. Not only, you will look great, but you can also take it off after a long day.

If you're a big fan of anime like me, then you probably already know that most of the anime girls have pink hair, namely: Sakura Kinomoto, Lacus Clyne, Madoka Kaname, Sakura Haruno, etc. I personally love the color pink because for me its cute and feminine. I don't know, I'm just drawn to them, and most of my favorite anime girls have pink hair lol. If you fancy cosplaying different characters, you have got to try wearing pink wigs. 

Their pink lace front wigs is exactly like real hair, but lightweight and very easy and comfortable to wear. Everydaywigs provides quality wigs, you won't have any problem wearing it for a long time, you can even choose from their different style, from pastel pink wig, short pink wig, pink bob wig, hot pink wig, and even pink ombre wig.

Green lace front wigs is also one of my favorites, not only they make you look cool and badass, it also is the symbol for renewal, nature, and energy. FYI. You don't have to go to any conventions or events just to wear a wig, you can even wear one even if you're just running an errand. You'd be a total head-turner once you do. And you need not to worry about styles because they have dark green wig, short green wig, long green wig, mint green wig, green curly wig,etc. 

My favorite anime girls who have this hair color are C.C. from Code Geass, Tsuyu/Froppy, Sailor Neptune, etc.

Last one is purple lace front wigs. With wide range of options to choose from, I'm sure customers would be delighted to see different style with different shade of purple. My favorite girls who have this hair color are Faye Valentine, Yuri Nakamura, Kagami Hiiragi, and Yuki Nagato. 

So if you want an affordable wig without sacrificing its quality, look no further, you can always visit

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