April 05, 2019

After our first quick visit together at San Carlos, Negros Occidental, my boyfriend and I decided to go back there again and this time we went to Patty Cakes. Although we're the pasta-kind-of-people, we also enjoy eating cakes from time to time. Our call time was, again, 10:30 am at Mcdo Toledo where he had his brunch before I arrived. Because we're now running late, I just take-out chicken and fries and ate it while on my seat looking at the vast expanse of the blue ocean.

When we arrived, we took a tricycle and asked the driver to drop us at Patty Cakes, which he immediately knew. When we arrived, we immediately went inside because it was scorching hot outside. The place was quaint and pretty laid back. They have varieties of cakes, cupcakes, cookies, bread, pasta, and even meals. Honestly, we're pretty surprised when we saw that they also have pasta, because we thought that it's all sweets. We're just pretty bummed that after the staff took our orders, she came back again and informed us that their Carbonara is unavailable.

We ordered their mocha cheesecake, blueberry cheesecake, rainbow cake, chick 'n fries, and matcha smoothie. After tasting and eating half of them, I came to a conclusion that their place is a must-visit whenever you're in the city.

Me taking a quick break from eating while sipping me drink. Honestly, I didn't get to read the book I brought because I focused on eating. LOL! 

After our foodie adventure at the cafe, we went to People's Park to walk it off, because we we're just too full. Who knew cakes have this power over me? I always thought that I'm not really a cake person, but boy was I wrong. After chilling at the park, where I did have the time to read, we rode a tricycle, bought a ticket and went home.

So if you have sweet tooth and happen to be in San Carlos City, I highly recommend visiting Patty Cakes.

Address: FC Ledesma Ave. (Infront of Hall of Justice)
San Carlos City 6127
Mobile Number: 0917 700 6065
For more information, please contact them through their Facebook page: Patty Cakes

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