March 31, 2019

When it comes to eating, my boyfriend and I are always down in looking for a restaurant/cafe that would satisfy our love for food. Our search lead us to Le Gallery Cafe located in San Carlos City. Yep, we went there just to eat (I know, extreme!) By 11 we're already at the Toledo City Port terminal and we  purchased a FastCat ticket. It took an hour to arrive at the Port of San Carlos City, and from there, we walked up to the entrance and rode a tricycle to Dahlia Street.

It was just in time for lunch, when we arrived at the Le Gallery Cafe. We went inside and I was amazed by their industrial interior, it has a modern vintage vibe. We're the only customer at that time, so we had the whole place all to ourselves. While waiting for our food, I entertained myself by reading and him by watching anime on his phone. After a while, the food arrived and we went all out.

We ordered pesto pasta, carbonara, nachos, garlic rice, back ribs, a pitcher of iced tea, and matcha smoothie. One thing that's always present in our order whenever we're out eating be it in a restaurant or cafe, is pasta, because we're pasta lovers.

We both enjoyed their carbonara, but didn't really like their pesto pasta. We also love their back ribs, their sauce was perfect, the meat was juicy and tender. Their nachos was okay, I just don't like how they put too much cheddar cheese on it.

The only problem we had when we were eating was their Matcha smoothie almost never came. Henry had to go to follow up our order at the counter, and when they finally served it, the smoothie was already kind of soggy. I think it has been sitting there the whole time we were eating and maybe they forgot? That's why we didn't have a picture of it.

All in all, our experience there was great, except the smoothie. LOL! Also, they have this amazing mural painting outside the cafe. Of course, we didn't miss taking few pictures. After that, we decided to go home because I still have a class that time.

Address: Dahlia Street, San Carlos, Negros Occidental 6127
Mobile number: 0917 300 0616
For more information please contact them through their Facebook page: Le Gallery Cafe

Thank you for reading! Till next time!

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  1. Looks like an amazing place!

  2. Looks a beautiful place.

  3. Beautiful place! I love the photos!

    Kisses ;*

  4. Yes, it really looks like a cool place to eat!
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  5. The place seems to be nice, I don't love pasta as much as you do, but I love nachos :-)

  6. Excellent post (as always)!Thank you very much :)


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