Two Piece Prom Dresses

June 19, 2019

maroon tow piece prom dress

Hello, lovely people who are reading my blog! How are you today? I hope you guys are in tip-top shape and doing the things you love most!

Remember my post yesterday how I wished I could turn back time and have an alternate reality where we had a prom/homecoming? Well, guess what? We're going to make it full-blown today. And by that I mean, we're going to look at dresses. Okay, so maybe this is me daydreaming now of what could have been. haha! so I found this store called Suzhou Dresses which have a very unique set of prom dresses. They are two-piece prom dresses, and they are so beautiful, kind of reminds me of Princess Jasmine's outfit. Anyway, have you seen Alladin yet? How was it?

These dresses are so elegant and sophisticated with a modern twist to it. I love how it has this extra oomph to the outfit. Kind of like a mash-up between modern and vintage, don't you think? Here are my top favorite picks from their site.

sexy two piece prom dress
First up are these cream colored and gold two-piece dresses. What I love about these dresses are the intricate details of the lace. The first one is very formal yet screams cuteness and sexiness while the other one is oozing with it. Although I don't see myself wearing these dresses because I just don't have the bod and its kind of like not my style, I still chose this because I know you guys would love perfect in it.

tow piece Cinderella dress inspired
Second, on my list are these two-piece dresses that remind me of Cinderella. Did you know that Cinderella is my favorite classic Disney princess? I just love her and her story and her ball gown. Also, have the courage and be kind. These dresses just exude Princess-y vibe and I would totally wear this.  

two piece black prom dress
Third but definitely my not the least are these sophisticated and classic black two-piece dresses. You know, I always say that you can never go wrong with black. It's just a timeless color. Both details of these dresses are quite similar yet very different from one another. I can't even choose between these two. 

So that concludes my favorites from their store. Make sure to check them out to see more styles. Meanwhile, happy hump day everyone!

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