Sexy Bridesmaid Dresses

June 20, 2019

bridesmaid dresses
Since I got into adulthood, I've never tried being a bridesmaid at all, it's not that I wasn't invited into being one, it's just that I myself declined their offer because of the way I walk. You see, I have a limp and it's really noticeable and I don't want to wear flats while wearing a gorgeous dress in such a formal and sacred event. And of course, I don't wanna be stared at like how people used to do when I'm walking. I wish I can get over this insecurity (?) Mind you, I'm not at all ashamed of how I am now, I just don't want to be stared at because, for me, that's just rude.

Well enough of my life woes. So earlier this year, I attended 2 weddings. Both of my cousins got married with the love of their lives and I was lucky to be there and witness how they sealed their relationship with all the blessings from their families and friends. What I love about the wedding is that it's a merry and a celebration of love, people are just beaming with happiness and there's a lot of food too. 

sexy bridesmaid dresses
What I also look forward too in every wedding is the brides dress and her bridesmaid dresses, and of how they matched with the motif and managed to look elegant and stunning at the same time. Just like these dresses I picked from Their web store got a lot of beautiful dresses that are a perfect fit for weddings. Lately, people are leaning towards sexy bridesmaid dresses and who can blame them? If they want to look beautiful and sexy then that's fine. You do you, sister!

elegant bridesmaid dresses
So whatever you chose to wear during that day, be it sexy or modest, doesn't matter as long as you're happy confident.

That's it for now, folks!
Until my next post.
sarah rizaga

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