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October 15, 2019

Hello lovely people! How are you all doing? It's been almost a month since I started my diet. It's nothing really serious. I just eat less than I used to. In the first few days of my diet, I instantly lose my water weight. But since I'm the type of person who struggles a lot when it comes to consistency, here I am again on a losing track. I went back to my old ways and even have a hard time of portion control again. It sucks because I was doing really good.

Back when I was at my heaviest, I used to wear a waist cincher shapewear, and I love how it accentuates my body especially if I'm wearing a body con dress or fitted top. My sister and I usually bond over stuff like this because we are both on the heavier side compare to my other sister. We always jog together, Zumba, and yes even eat crazy amounts of food at a buffet restaurant. Like me, she's back at her heavier weight because of acads and eating unhealthy food. 

Loverbeauty Shaper Panty Tummy Control Shapewear Butt Lifter

There was one time where our family had an unexpected event to attend and we are to wear formal attire. My sister was on her heaviest (this was before she decided to lose weight,) she had a problem because she looks pregnant on her dress because of how big her stomach was. So what we did was made her wear a waist cincher. And it all works out in the end, and she even looked gorgeous with her hourglass figure.

Loverbeauty Hook Front Mesh Hiphugger Bodysuit Shapewear

Waist shapewear comes in different sizes and styles. And if you want to accentuate your waist and lift your butt at the same time, then you don't have to worry because there is plus size shapewear bodysuit that creates an illusion of slimming effect. I know it will be hard especially if you are new to it, but if you give it a week or two, then you will find it not that hard. One of the great things about this shapewear is that it improves posture.

If you are curious about this, then you have to visit Loverbeauty because they have a lot of shapewear you can choose from. 

LOVERBEAUTY was created by the purpose: a purpose that helps women overcome body image issues, raise self-esteem and be their best selves. They believe shapewear isn't about hiding our bodies. Shapewear can be body-positive; it should be body positive. You do not need shapewear, you choose shapewear to flaunt your curves. We celebrate your inner beauty through shapewear styles designed to fit ALL women, of ALL shapes and sizes.

Loverbeauty Remarkable High Waist Buttock Lifter Strapless Ultra Light

Next week will be my sister's sem break and we are planning to workout together.
Thank you for reading! Until my next post!

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