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January 08, 2020

Hello love reader/s! Today, I'm going to share something a bit different to you all. It's an online personalized jewelry shop store that specializes in customizing jewelry of your choice. Growing up, I'm always drawn to cute things with a meaning behind it, be it old knick-knacks from family or just that cheap ring that comes from candy if you buy one. Where I live, we used to have a specific day of the year where people from other places will visit our town to sell personalized necklaces or rings or even bracelets. I always get the necklace for myself and bracelets for my friends. It's a beautiful time because everything back then was so simple.

If you want to preserve those moments with loved ones and friends, then what better way to do it than having personalized cute jewelry? This is the first month of the year, a lot of birthdays from someone we hold dear in our hearts are coming and I feel that giving a more personalized stuff is a lot thoughtful. Speaking of which, Valentines day is fast approaching and I want to give my boyfriend something that will always remind him of me. I went and visit for their get name necklace line so I will have an idea of what to get. Below are some of my favorites.

Getnamenecklace specializes in high quality customized pieces of jewelry like rings, bracelets, necklaces, earrings, and even keychains. If you want to get name necklace, one that you can engrave your name or last name to make it a one-of-a-kind necklace that shows your individuality, then it's the perfect place for you! The best part is you get to design your own jewelry! Select a cute little charm, a chain you like, and just like that, you get yourself personalized jewelry! And don't forget, they are also cheap, so it will be by no means beyond budget!

We all know people who have furry friends, so getting these will be really extra special. You can view more pictures here.


Things have changed a lot drastically now that I'm an adult. I think some part of me keeps those simpler times frozen because I know I could always go back to that place one reminisce away. I still have the keepsakes that some people that used to be important in my life tucked away in my flowery box. And whenever I look at them, I always feel that life is still the same, it's still me in a grown-up body in different setting.

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