Lunch at Skillet Japanese Cafe and Bistro

March 29, 2019

Earlier this year, I went to the NBI office together with my boyfriend to get an NBI clearance to complete my papers. I brought all the requirements needed so I won't suffer the fate of going back and forth just to get my papers photocopied as I've had an experience of it just last year. When we got there, I was actually pretty lucky, there was no queue at all and all I had to do was to walk up there and do all the procedures, and after a few minutes, I was done. Everything there was done efficiently, I commend those amazing people working there.

Since we arrived there around 10 am without breakfast or even light snacks, we we're pretty famished as we we're walking down the stairs, so we decided to grab a bite instead. Since we love Japanese food, he suggested that we should visit this Japanese Bistro right beside J Center mall. And so we did, we walked a bit, crossed the streets, looked for it, and voila—Skillet Japanese Bistro and Cafe!

I've actually heard about them maybe last year (?) because I saw a post of their Dew Droplet Cake on Instagram. I don't know, whenever I look at their cake, it just reminds me of the anime Mushishi. Gawwd I really wish there will be a second season! 

When we wen't inside, we were greeted by friendly staff and were ushered to our table. The place was pretty chill with laid-back atmosphere, and you can also hear the soft music playing in the background. One thing I noticed when we walked inside was the mural on the wall, it was so pretty! Too bad I just don't have a picture of it :(

I ordered an Omelet Rice with Hamburger Steak but the serving was too big, so my boyfriend finished it for me. Honestly though, I was just excited to eat my dessert. LOL

Their Dew Droplet Cake is not really a cake per se, it's more of like a jelly with sugar syrup and soy bean powder. My boyfriend didn't like the taste because as he said, it tasted weird. Well, in my case, I find it yummy and was instantly hooked! I can't wait to go back there again and order one myself.

I forgot the name of the food my boyfriend ordered for himself (but I think it has something to do with chicken  LOL), but here's a picture. Perhaps you can tell me what it is? 

It is our unspoken rule to always have our pictures taken before eating our food. LOL! Yes, we're that annoying couple who always take pictures before doing anything else. LOL

And that concludes our visit here, we had a great time. 


Address: A S Fortuna Street Norkis Cyberpark, Beside J Centre Mall Mandaue City, Cebu City
Mobile No. : +63 32 238 6911
For more information please contact them through their Facebook page: Skillet Japanese Cafe and Bistro

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  1. Cool post! The food like delicius!

    Kisses ;*

    1. It was indeed delish! We had great time there too! Thank you, Thais <3

  2. Looks so good.
    I always take pictures before eating. Lol.

    1. Haha I always say, picture or you didn't eat it haha


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