Valentines Dinner at Delice Recipe

March 27, 2019

Last February 14, 2019 my boyfriend and I decided to dine at Delice Recipe to celebrate Valentines day. I've always wanted to go there ever since last year but haven't had the opportunity, for reasons that it's quite far. Whenever we go out together we always end up eating at restos inside the mall because we don't want to get stuck in traffic. That's why during that particular day, we wanted to go at a place where we haven't been to, yet.

Two weeks before Valentines Day, we we're already making lists of restaurants to eat at. We narrow it down to 2 restaurants that have amazing city lights view, tasty food, and where it's easy to commute—we ultimately chose Delice. Since both of us we're too occupied with our lives, neither of us made the reservation, and when its the day before Valentines day, my boyfriend made a last-minute call to get a reservation. Fortunately, they informed that if we go there around 5:00 pm, we should be able to get a table. So yeah, it was an early dinner date. 

He came at the house at around 12 nn and gave me a bouquet of flowers, after that he fell asleep on the couch and I started to prep myself because I just have to look pretty. LOL! And because the place was quite far, we opted to use a car and went there at around 3:30 pm. It took us an hour to get there, but it was all worth it because the place was amazing and we we're in awe with the overlooking view of the city.

After arriving at Delice, we we're welcomed by a smiling staff who waited us. We asked to be seated outside by the terrace which he happily showed us. And the view was breathtaking, the quality of my pictures doesn't give it justice, I promise.
It took us quite some time to choose what to order but we decided to get their Peruvian Steak and Fillet Mignon Steak as our main course.

We also ordered Roasted Pumpkin Soup and Garlic Shrimp Pasta because we love pasta. It was a heavy meal, I know, but it was also heaven.

Taking pictures before eating. Haha It's what we always do together (actually, it's what I always made him do. LOL)

 Me looking super happy because of the food served. The saying that goes "The way to a man's heart is through his stomach." applies to us girls too, you know.

We finished our meal around 6pm, then we went home with a full stomach and heart full of love❤️


 All in all, our experience at Delice Recipe was great. I love the cozy ambiance, the romantic view of the city lights, and their tasty food. I highly recommend the place for dates and chill-out nights because the atmosphere is perfect for love-birds and friends especially when you go there at around 7 pm.

PS. If you're planning to go there, please bring a jacket, cardigan, or wear long sleeves because it tends to get pretty chilly at night.

Address: Cebu Tops Rd, Cebu City, Cebu
Phone: 0906 425 8799
For more information please contact them through their Facebook page: Delice Recipe

That's it folks! Thank you for reading.

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  1. Hi! The photos looks very good. You had a beautiful St Valentines day!

  2. I think it is so romantic that you traveled so far to eat here! It definitely seems like it would be worth it. Those views are spectacular!

    1. Definitely! Traveling far just to eat somehow makes it special and romantic <3 Thank you.

  3. You found really a wonderful place for your VD dinner! And everything looks so delicious!
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

    1. Yes we did! and I'm gald we went there because it was really worth it. Everything there was just amazing!


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