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June 26, 2019

girl with human hair wigs long blond wavy
Hello, lovely people who are reading this post. How are you all? You know what, these past few days have been a struggle for me because I really thought that my hair fall dilemma is over until my hair starts falling out again like crazy. It actually scares me because I don't wanna be bald or have a bald patch on my head. I don't know maybe it's because I don't get enough sleep or my hair is too long. Yes, I have a very long hair, like waist-long hair and I really don't wanna cut it for some reason. I thought I looked good with it. lol!

My mother and I actually discussed a few years ago back when I had this intense hair fall that she will get me a wig. That didn't push through because again, my hair got better. It's been a recurring hair fall problem ever since. Until when I met my current boyfriend, I opened up to him the possibility of me getting a wig because of my problem, but then again, it got better. I was actually relieved that my boyfriend didn't mind of me getting a wig for a clinical reason, he was actually very supportive about it. I have enough of lackings already not to mention my disability, but still, he's still with me. 

Anyway, now that my intense hair fall is back again, I'm really considering getting a 2019 human hair wigs online. Not only for a medical reason but just so it can save me time also. I think a lot of people use hair wigs for a lot of reason, it may be to save time, clinical condition, or they just want to look good be it doing cosplay or just what they wanna look for the day. You know sometimes, I really wish I can change up my whole look from hair to foot by I really can't dye my hair because of how weak it is. 
girl with human hair wigs long curly

I'm actually torn between human hair wigs and synthetic hair wigs but I feel that human hair wigs are durable compared to the synthetic one because yes, it's a human hair. But then, synthetic hair is quite affordable and it has a lot of different styles and colors too compared to the other one. Well, if you know me already, you would know that I'm someone who will opt for the simplistic style as long as it can do its job.

girl with human hair wigs long wavy

With the rise of hair wigs and abundance of stores that sells high-quality wigs, it wouldn't be as hard as before when it comes to looking for a wig that will suit us. Luxhairshop is actually committed to helping us find the best wigs, hairpieces, or even extensions. Whether you're new to wearable hair or not, their expert tips and guides are sure to help you make the right choices

girl with human hair wigs long curly

So now that I'm back again at considering getting a wig, I made a mental note of what to get if ever I will get one. And these styles would be my first choice. What do you think?
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