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July 02, 2019

sweaters and dresses
Hello lovely reader/s! How are you all? Now that summer is officially over here in the Philippines, rain is now dominating most of the days here, well I can't really complain because I'm one of those people who loves the company of rain. I can just take my book out, drink a cuppa, read in the corner of my room, and just get lost to another world. There are times though I have to get out of my room and do the adulting stuff like running some errands, and of course, knowing me, I like to look good and the rain won't hold me back from it. Good thing I stumble upon this site called Luvye, they have a lot of amazing and pretty clothes with many variations. So I don't have to worry about tightly wrapping myself up because they have sexy sweaters that not only will make me warm, but also will make me look good but still weather appropriate.
Here are some of my favorite sweaters that I really like from their web store.

girl wearing sexy sweater
I know that summer here is over but I can't help myself from choosing my favorite cute dresses for women, because I feel like, with the right styling, this too would be weather appropriate. Don't you think so? And of course, these dresses would fit perfectly especially when you're going out on a date with your special someone. Just put on a leather or denim jacket over a dress and you're good to go. Anyway, I feel more and more drawn to the shade of yellow these days.

girl wearing a summer dress
Luvyle is your online shop stop for modern, irresistible, and affordable women’s clothing. Never before has dressing yourself been so easy. Their carefully curated selection of apparel, accessories, and outerwear are always on trend and always available at the web’s best prices. Luvyle is dedicated to delivering high-quality clothing to women that will make them look and feel their best. They believe every woman has the right to dress well, and shouldn’t have to spend a lot to love how she looks. We make it easy to wear outfits you love every day, giving you the confidence to take on the world! Their online store is filled with the season’s hottest trends, available in all sizes. Their plus size selection offers the same stylish threads so every woman can show off their fashionable side. You can shop a complete outfit with just a few clicks, as Luvyle offers the following categories for your shopping pleasure.
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  1. These clothes look really nice. Stylish and delicate.

  2. This last yellow dress looks amazing! ;)

  3. Very cute selection, hun!
    I esecially like the dresses!

  4. Wonderful photos and interesting post dear!

  5. Yea, I remember the June showers when I was still living in the Philippines. Love that warm rain after the hot blazing summer months. Nice to know about this online shop, looks like they have nice collection of clothes.

    1. Yes, but right now, rain has been pouring down nonstop, I kind of miss the sun now.

  6. What a lovely post!! I enjoyed this!! Hope you have a great day♡♡



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