Side trip at Yoshinoya

July 24, 2019

yoshinoya ramen
tempura and california maki
A very sad looking tempura and California maki. 
couple eating japanese food
When my friend and I went to PRC Cebu to get our papers done, we were famished after the whole ordeal. We went there around 10am in the morning and managed to get it all done around 5pm in the afternoon— yes with no lunch or even snacks in between. Good thing Henry went to get us. And because all of us were craving for ramen that time, we decided to try Yoshinoya. We've never been to that Japanese Restaurant. 

There were not many customers at the time, I think there are only 2 tables occupied. While my friend was sitting at the table, Henry and I went to order at the counter. I got beef broth ramen while they got pork ramen. We also ordered tempura and California maki. 

It was a decent experience and would love to go back for their ramen because it's really delicious and budget-friendly.

Address: Ground Floor SM City
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  1. I imagine you were really hungry by the time you got to this restaurant. I love Japanese food. This seems like a lovely restaurant. I'd love to check it out.

  2. Sounds like the perfect meal after all that hard work!

  3. WOW, it looks delicious, I've never tasted anything like that!

  4. I love eating when I'm really hungry. Sounds like a nice ending to an intense day.

  5. LOOKS SO GOOD! My favourite part of ramen is the boiled egg hehe! Looks delicious!


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