A Factor Laid Perception of Gothic Costume

August 02, 2019

For some time, Gothic style was described as modern in comparison to the classical Roman style. To give the modern style an identity, the people of the Renaissance adopted the name from Goths; the barbaric people who had defeated the Roman Empire. Some people associate the term Goth with darkness, vampires and the occult but quite to the contrary. Gothic girls appreciate the fact that there is a morbid, dark side to life and express it through dark dressing but this doesn't make them evil and satanic. 

Each time someone says Goth girl, I see a girl dressed in lace, stockings and chunky boots. They are also wearing dark eye shadow, liner and black lipstick coupled with studded accessories. Goths are rarely seen without white or black lace items on their self. It is an integral part of their fashion and admittedly, many have confessed to feeling incomplete without lace on. Whether a Goth wears deep reds, dark purple, dark green or white, black has to dominate. This is why you will see many in a black skirt with a white lace top or stockings. 
In the 80s, Goths stuck to long skirts, skinny black high waist jeans, and lace tops. To achieve a true gothic look, girls often choose silver and crystals for accessories. Silver is an important aspect of Goth culture that reminds them of moonlight while crystals add to the mystical vibe. There are several variations to gothic fashion but there are some integral aspects of the look; Corsets for women Blue-black hair Dark leather Silver jewelry Pagan religious themes Movies to inspire your choice of Goth lace Many movies and films could give a Goth girl some ideas on how to pull off a stunning look to match your mood. The Craft will give you many ideas especially if you borrow from Nancy's look. Lace Monster is another great place to borrow from if you are into the Lolita style. 

If you are a Goth girl, you must watch The Next Generation to learn from Ellie Nash just how to rock that lace. Some girls admit to watching NCIS just to swoon at and steal from Abby Scuito's fashion. Goth Accessories A Goth's accessories may include earrings, bracelets, rings in the skull, serpentine or symbolic shapes like the Goth cross. The cross is an iconic symbol of a gothic culture that girls wear to keep evil away. Some Goths wear the cross pendant because of its links to the Catholic Church while some wear the inverted cross as a show of contempt to organized religion. For Goths who are Christians, the cross is a sign of eternal life, resurrection, and immortality. They wear this classic symbol to repel vampires and demons. This habit of wearing the cross upside down is offensive to Christians who for this reason associate Gothics with the occult and Satanism. Crystals add to the Goth vibe by creating a sense of the occult. Diamonds are also an important part of the Goth girl's ensemble. Black or white lace gloves would go a long way in upgrading that style into chic and fab. Simply put, gothic fashion draws inspiration from the mourning cult of the Victorian era. 

The fashion is primarily about stark black clothing; a profusion of dark velvets, lace, fishnets, and leather. Many people assume that just because you are Goth only black is allowed. You can wear white as long as you stick to integral materials like lace. Accessories go a long way to improving your Goth style. As Ted Polhemus described it, gothic clothing is usually accessorized with tightly laced corsets, precarious stilettos, gloves and silver jewelry depicting occult or religious themes. Dark makeup Lace accessories for a gothic look There are several classes of Goths; all with a unique fashion style. It is not mandatory that all Goths wear lace but it is common across all types. Lace is often seen on some aspect of all Goth's fashion and mainly on the accessories. You will catch Goth girls wearing lace chokers, veils, stockings and roses to match their outfits. The Goth lace could be black, purple, emerald green or dark red depending on the mood or theme. There is a wide selection of accessories to choose from at www.magicwardrobes.com including the Gothic spider pendant, retro rose-red embroidery, crucifix, lace sexy mask. 

Gloves are an essential part of a gothic woman's fashion. The black lace crosses and chain women's gloves say a lot about your fashion and beliefs. Victorian Goths are considered the more expensive type perhaps due to their preference for the finer things in life including luxurious lace. Seeing a Victorian Goth for the first time, you would for thinking they are from a Dickens stage play. They will also be seen in accessories such as chains, lockets and statement necklaces with a touch of lace. It is also common to see them in lace face veils, lace corsets, and lace gloves. The black lace stereoscopic flowers on the gothic veil by www.magicwardrobes.com are a good example of how to add elegance to your dark look. The lace is so sheer and delicate it flows gently over your hair and onto your gorgeous dress. It is a classy look that every Goth girl can achieve anywhere in the world. While black is primarily the Goth color, do not be surprised to see the really trendy girls rocking the look in lovely white lace Goth ensembles. 

Some members of the Goth subculture associate white with Lolita Goths. This category is into layers of lace, home-crafted parasols, and sheer fabric. For the Romantic Goth, full skirts, lace elbow gloves, and satin corsets would make the look. Cyber Goths have a more futuristic approach to fashion with a desire for crisp white fabrics, white hair or translucent tubing. The fishnets ripped sheer fabrics and tutu skirts will be seen on the Punk Goths. Whatever your desire, magic flowers have a Goth accessory that will speak it to the world. From corsets to headbands, we can easily show off your fashionable Goth side.

text and pictures from magicwardrobes.com

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  1. Hola Sarah!! Los vestidos son preciosos, aunque el estilo gótico no es lo mío son buenas recomendaciones para este grupo urbano. ¡Estupendo post! Besos!!

  2. I didn't know there were different types of Goth styles so that was interesting to know! I do often see that recurring theme of wearing blacks and maybe deep reds and purples with lace and silver jewelry. I love Abby Sciuto, haha!! Thanks for sharing Sarah!

    Geraldine | https://geraldinetalks.com

  3. It is interesting how genre's of fashion are actually more broad than most people give credit for. That is what makes fashion so much fun, in my opinion. This was super interesting to read though. Got to learn more about goth fashion.

  4. It is interesting to see goth fashion. I've always been intrigued by it because people are nicely dressed while being able to show their style. Thanks for sharing some of these styles and the history behind certain goth styles.

    Nancy ♥ exquisitely.me

  5. I love the selection of garments you chose and thanks a lot for sharing all the info It truly helps many to understand this style xoxo Cris

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  7. Goth fashion has always been so interesting to me and I envy anyone who can easily pull it off! Thanks for sharing these styles.

    Eena ☼ cabin twenty-four


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