Top 5 Red Bridesmaid Dresses from Alfabridal

November 11, 2020

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Just recently, quite a lot of my friends on Facebook have gotten married and I can't help but look at the bride's dress and of course, her bridesmaids dresses too. I don't know if it just me but I enjoy looking at pretty dresses in a very important event in a woman's life. One in particular that stood up for me is the kind that can be worn in a casual setting without seeming too formal for the event, and at the same time very eye-catching gorgeous. Just as I was browsing the net for some inspiration, I came across a site called and I instantly fell in love with their pretty dresses.

Whatever your chosen theme for a wedding; there's always going to be something that will fit the bill. And the great thing about bridesmaids dresses is that there's a lot of different styles, as well as a different hue. These different shades of dresses can look stunning whether you are on the beach or in a church! But, if you want to keep your bridesmaids dresses simple and all in the red color, no worries because they got you covered!

Here are my top 5 favorite red dresses

I absolutely adore the classy design and silhouette of this dress because it is very regal. 

This two-pieces v-neck spaghetti strap dress and tulle skirt is absolute perfection! I think I haven't seen a wedding with their bridesmaids wearing this kind of outfit.

This is a classic bridesmaid dress but the strap and the simplicity of this design definitely made my list! It is very timeless while at the same time bringing the hint of its modernity.

This bridesmaid dress is a luxurious a-line spandex dress. Its off-shoulder design makes this dress so gorgeous.

You can never go wrong with exquisite form-fitting dresses. V-neck design makes this dress so stunning.

Alfabridal, the leading brand, offers high-quality affordable bridesmaid dresses in long & short, chiffon, lace, sequin, velvet, floral, tulle, etc. They offer perfect choices for mix and match fashion. 56+ colors. 
You can find the right dress styles easily from the navigation bar. They can make 56 colors for chiffon, lace, tulle bridesmaid dresses. Sequin and velvet dresses have 15 colors. Size US2-US26W. They also accept custom made orders. You can contact them through their service e-mail is

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